Dear Mum,
Multiple times when you flipped whenever i made you furious and irritated, you made get an impression of being unloved, but now i realize that i was so biased. I saw your corrections and punishment as an act of discrimination and yet i knew i was mistaken. The hands that punished me still went ahead to snuggled me to sleep or pacified me whenever i was distressed. The level of love you have for me cannot be regarded as something in this world, its sympathetic and by-passes all things impending it.

You are continuously pleased with me even when i see i cannot substantiate the praise. Always wishing me the greatest, sending me blessings upon blessings and praying for me when am around and when am not. You have constantly imparted me with good morals and always reminded me to do right by others, from being patient, to loving others, caring for all who are around me, practicing kindness and forgiving those who have wronged me at all times. Sometimes i ask myself if i will manage to make myself out of my children like you did with me from you.

And ever since i was a kid you the only one i believed could tell me the truth about life apart from dad off course and you never forgot to teach me how to be a good neighbor, good sibling, a good spouse and lastly a parent which has come to help me in many ways. Friends come and go, judging me at all times and they are replaceable but you are constantly there for me at all times and you certainly don’t judge but always finding a way to help me. Most of all you are irreplaceable.

Mum!!I just want you to know that i love and miss you so much. You surrendered your beauty to bring me to this world, putting your happiness on hold in that you no longer hard time spared to go groom yourself to look attractive. Funny enough you never lost your self-worth and you gladly stayed at home to take care of me and since then you never got a sick off or complained. The responsibility you took has no award to it, it priceless.

Happy mother’s day mum. Love you.