I can’t say i am well versed with Nairobi streets but i just thought this information could be of help to one or two people out there. The whole idea is about saving some cents in one way or the other, since some of this place are known to sell things at a lower or affordable price. All this i have learnt from social media and a group of Merry-go-rounds that i manage to attend.textgram_1521560245563511595.png


1. Grains – From groundnuts, to beans and other cereals. Besides that if you in the habit of eating healthy, which i see most of us are embracing, fruits could be found there in plenty. For making some juice and smoothies, visit Nyamakima near Narok line service line and also buy fresh fruits and grains at a fair price.1200px-Dhaniyangal.jpg

2. Diapers and bar soap –diaper13718256_1371278186234171_1668288901_n You can get them at OTC neat Tuskys supermarket and Kaka bus station. Diaper retail selling has become common among most business people. If you could buy one whole pack ( soft care larger size) @ Ksh 500 which contains 40 pieces and you as a business person sold it @ ksh 20 each piece you will definitely pocket 800 hence a profit of ksh 300.

3. Chemicals for homemade detergent, bleach, fabric softener, disinfectant – found at OTC, a building with Tuskys supermarket, first floor this idea has greatly been embraced by many entrepreneurs who have thoughts of it as a good idea to change their employment status, it’s not a very complicated procedure to follow. As you visit the place to buy the ingredients don’t be shy to ask explanations on how to mix them. So don’t give up on that dream idea of starting your own business so you can start by selling soaps and cleaning detergents.

4. Bulk shopping –  If you looking to save some cash and time to shop regularly and also have a shopping that could last you close to 2 or 3 months then visit this places; Kawangware or Eastleigh, it all depending with your preferences whichever place you see close or fit for you. If you happen to go to Kawangware ask for Mlango Soko an entrance near Cooperative Bank, as you walk into the market the first turning on your right you will see a yellow building written Samrose, it’s a renowned building in the market, the building’s ground floor has a wholesaling shop selling all types of things like food staff and toiletries.

Also in Eastleigh, a friend of mine gave me directions as to where to go for bulky shopping. As you walk towards the Catholic Church or if you are coming from Pangani, just after you take the right turn to enter Eastleigh, you will see the Marie shop sign board, the shops start  from there. While the upper side of Biashara Street just before you join Koinange Street there is a Muhindi shop that sells groceries at wholesale prices. It’s opposite Yala Towers.  

5. Beauty products and jewellery – Many ladies have embraced beauty and are into make up.  So if you visit Perida Centre and Dubois Road you in for a shock, staff like hair products and accessories, makeup products and basically women’s clothing.

6. Vegetables – if you want vegetables go to Marikiti, kawangware, Dandora, Korongosho, Kariobangi and Gikomba market. You will get brocolis, zucchini, cucumber,spinach, kale, kienyeji vegetables, fruits, onions and tomatoes and also fresh cereals. Know the market days in these markets and you will a smile on your face.


7. Meat – This is for those of us who are planning to celebrate a festive that is near the corner, or those who just want to fill their fridge with some good supply of meat and also if they are in butchery business of selling meat, then going to Ndonyo Market Dagoretti and Burma will solve their puzzle. 1728181

8. Fish and chicken kienyeji – This is considered to many as healthy meat, at Gikomba fresh meat and chicken are sold at an affordable price. th place is on the right as you walk towards the market. Also at Alpha Foods, Road A, Enterprise Road Fish is there in plenty, you could get 40 pieces of tilapia @Sh1700. I know it’s insane right?


9. Wine/alcohol – this is a business opportunity you would not want to miss if you have the capital to start, people are drinking everyday and anytime. Also if you are into holding parties that include buzz then visit Dubois Road, Mwalimu on Mfangano Street and Accra Road where the 2NK matatus are in the hawkers market building, 3rd floor where you will find many wholesale shops there.download (7)
10. Utensils –they are found at Kamukunji towards Machakos Bus Station. This is If you have been thinking of buying utensils as a gift to a friend or wife, if  you have been having the idea stocking your house with beautiful utensils and lastly if the idea of venturing into selling these utensils has crossed then that is the place to visit. DPjNSUyW4AEeUYA

11. Prescribed medication – Try Transchem next to the bike shop, or the one opposite Afya Centre, also the one near the number 4 matatus. Sinai Chemist at the Nairobi Textiles building could be another option. Not forgetting  Accra Road which also has a stretch of affordable chemists.images (4)

12. Panties and bras – most people are not into mtumba bras and panties, but for those who are into it they could go tt the junction of Accra Road and River Road you will see small corridor where panties and bras are sold. article-1333354182777-126ec8dc000005dc-65417_636x300

13. Shoes (heels, flats, sandals and sports)-Bus Station near South B vehicles, Toi Market and in Thika try KIANDUTU. The shoe prices range from Sh300 to Sh1,000. As for heel shoes go to Emirates Collection on Tom Mboya Street. As for back to school season go to Bata distributor at Kamukunji for some Bata Toughees/Bata Bullets.


14. Maternity trousers, official dresses, skirts and trousers – Found at Bus Station. Are you a expecting and aiming to look good even as you move around with that baby bump, then visit the place and have a choice of your fashion and make the 9 month enjoyable all through, because you will be confident since you will be looking good. let us not forget those who are looking to slay to the office with some smart and affordable office attires.  And as for friday outfit High-waist jeans is the way to go, visit Amal Plaza, entrance c. Lastly let us not forget our Kids clothes ;Gikomba, Kwa Cucu, Toi Market, Kamukunji and Eastleigh are the places to visitdownload (8)

15. Curtains and carpets – found in Eastleigh,when you reach the place there are various shops so it’s good to Comparing prices before you buy.images (6)

16. Gym wear – Directly opposite The Bazaar as you walk towards Koja, there is a lady hawker who sells gym wear at night. Bottoms go for Sh200, jackets for Short to Sh350. You can also buy tops at night outside Jade Collections.12553030_10153885820566248_2390987445894504034_n.jpg

17. Hair braiding – At Old Nation for cornrows for Sh500.13949ef63f5e16b242f287dc3bf04f30

18. Fabrics – found at Nairobi Textile upstairs for vitenge it is next to Malindi Dishes, also at River Road opposite Bata Mini Price, Zion Kitenge past KCB on River Road, Eastleigh and kitenge house on Njugu lane.download (9)

19. Toys – Kamukunji Mutindwa in Eastlands for best kids toys and bicycles for kids and adults – Directly what used to be Jack and Jill Supermarket, walk towards Uchumi House and you will see a big shop selling bikes only. 1470053121p1-250x250

20. Bathroom accessories and lighting for those who are constructing – Walk past that Tuskys that is just past Thika matatus, and you will see a whole street of shops selling stuff. They also sell toilet seats, decorative mirrors and many other things.

21. Bedding (duvet, bed sheets, bed covers, mosquito nets) – Kamukunji. You can also get bed sheets and other bedding at Kwa Cucu in Gikomba.b3872725d3649812e1048a778e9c94e9

22. Shaggy mat making materials – This has been a booming business all around. Apart from it being time-consuming to make it. the handy work attracts a lot of cash. All these are found at Keekorok Road, and Biashara Street.7e3c75f508f46b0b8079f6229c1ffe1b

23. Fibre/pillow filling and sofa fabric – Gikomba market is known to sell the fibers and also sell ready-made pillows of all sizes. By buying the fiber and making your own you will save on material if you buy them differently.

24. Car spare parts – If you own a garage or spare parts shops, then visit the Impala on Tom Mboya Street, on Mukenia road.download (11)

25. Water storage tanks 210 and 310 litres –  fund in Kamukunji. With the unpredictable rationing of water in Nairobi, having this tanks could save you a whole lot if you had them in your homestead. Most people use 100 liter one to store water in their houses.images (8)

26. Plastics – If you are looking for organizers for the kitchen, plastic utensils for your kids or you are a business person then Mansi Traders at Tausi House in Kamukunji is the place to visit.

27.  Electrical appliances-From television, to kitchen appliances and many more, you can find them at Nyamakima and Lithuli. As long as you know what you want. The good thing about this places is that you can bargain and get them at lower or affordable price.

As you go ahead to visit this places, be conscious of the fake especially make-up products and deals and also do not forget the cone men. Do enough research and visit the place if you already know what you are looking for. Especially if you going to buy electronic gadgets. As for your safety, since these markets are densely populated please be where of the pickpockets so take precautions.