Today was unexpected, i went to work as usual. As i approached the office i heard mummers in the hallway. My colleagues where all smiles, but i could hear loud voices coming from the boss’s office.

“What is happening?”I asked one of my Colleagues.

“We finally got someone who could stand up for us?” first colleague answered

“He hard it coming.” second colleague replied.

Peering inside the office, i saw Jane(not her real name though)my colleague just going ham on our boss. If we dint know her very well we would think she was insane, but just as my colleague said, it was a high time someone finally spoke.Sometimes some bosses get to take advantage of us,especially the young bosses. Am not judging but the luck leadership skills. I mean we go to work and work our a.. out and in return get earning that in return help us to pay our bills. So today i think Jane had hard it, how do you work for someone who doesn’t put your needs first to his. Am not asking for special privileges or anything, but for our basic rights to be looked into.

In school i remember we were taught basic on how to treat and motivate employees, most of us know our rights bosses should know that. Am sure my boss never saw it coming especially from Jane who is known to be polite and soft-spoken. For months we hard persevered, going without salary but still never complained much. Most bosses should go back to class and take classes on leadership,humanity and also so that they can learn the impact of positive or negative attitude to their employees.

I don’t remember the last time I woke up feeling;

  • motivated to go to work.
  • Less stress because I am not being pressured in one way or the other.
  • Resentment of myself for choosing to work in such an environment.

Oppression has become part of most of us. We just go to work hoping to making through the day without being, humiliated in front of your colleagues and hoping to be paid at the end of the month.

Positive attitude leads to;

  1. Comfort at work place hence reducing stress.
  2. Positive energy.
  3. Inspired employees.
  4. Participation of all parties at work.
  5. Increased productivity.
  6. Great teamwork.
  7. Less conflicts at work.
  8. Quality work results.
  9. Honesty and loyalty between employer and employee and employee and employee.
  10. Good relationship both formal and informal.

Am very sure few employers know about this. It’s all about creating a where it accommodate all of us, where there is no discrimination and bias. Most of us could not stand for our-self when we are oppressed and later opt to quit or just get used to the norm. You as the boss remember “People or employees can be your biggest asset or Your biggest liability.” It you choose.