Valentine’s day is the day for lovers to express their love for each other, and as the years go by they strive to make it standout, make it different or rather make extraordinarily. That is where creative Businesses come in and get the chance to profit from this event. By Packaging their products and services uniquely keeping in mind their competitors.

I would be happy very if my partner brought me an extraordinary gift or just did something unique for me. It’s all about being extra, but am sure you thinking how you going to achieve this.

That is exactly what am going to share with you on this blog. On some of the ordinary and extraordinary business to go for this valentine season to make your business standout to your customers.

17 Ordinary business to go for this valentine’s day.

1. Photography and editing.

 Great moments like Valentine’s Day needs to be memorised by pictures. Take the liberty to be the one taking this photo s. It’s all about having a camera that can do the justice. Be in restaurant, bars, hotels and street and take instant photos. This could standout more if  it’s accompanied with photo editing,this definitely will be a plus for you.

2. Travel and getaways.

 Travel agency come in handy this season since they simplify most of our work by having a list of places, hotels to book and countries to visit. Have a this business and get commissions for referring customers to this hotels and countries. It’s all about contacting these companies packaging your services in a way they will not resist.

3. Fine dining.

 Restaurants and hotels business booms this season in ways you can not imagine. Don’t be surprised to see your hotel fully booked by Monday of that week of valentines. Check out JUMIA TRAVEL and emulate their strategies and make your services known to your target customers who want to experience fine dining during the special night. So if you have a restaurant or a hotel this is the time to make it.

4. Accommodation.

Most hotels and motels will also be fully booked during Valentine’s Day. Not only couples are checking in hotels, but whole families (parents and their children) may also spend a wonderful day and night in hotels to celebrate the day of love. And when it comes to motels, you already knew the tradition.

5. Musical performance.

 This is time for professional singer, musician, or band to shine, it’s all about talent. Don,t worry where you singing from, it could be on the streets and passers-by will spare some few coins. Lets us say you waked to a busy street and set your instruments ready and sang a romantic song, am sure 10-15 people will notice you,  just do it. you will see how people will appreciate your talent. Love songs are what most people want to be played for and heard during the day of love. If you believe in yourself  could be a great opportunity for you to be heard playing or singing in front of a large audience or in front of a private couple who need to hear your special voice or music.

6. Jewellery

Be it bracelets, earrings, nose rings,they all sell this season. Go for good quality products since everyone is looking so special and expensive jewelry for a special someone. So don’t miss out because you thought of selling the cheap and ordinary products.

7. Wineries.

 Check out the The Nairobi wine gallery. Though they had an offer back in December 2017 but if you had an opportunity as a business person you could have taken at a wholesale and sold as a retailer this valentines. One could sell a package if Wine and have a bunch of more gifts in it, to make it standout. This is a special occasion to make a toast to our special someone.

8. Movies.

Sparing time to do something together this valentines is what couples want. But they have nothing to do, come to their rescue and have a session for romantic movies for them. This move will surprise your business big time. Movie shops too should not be left out advertise a list of romantic movies and have them ready for your customers.

9. Delivery services.

 How will this be a surprise if you deliver it yourself. Have your services available to those who want their Flowers, chocolates, and other gifts delivered as a surprise to there lovers.

10. Stuffed toys.

Memorable gifts like this attract people. They don’t fed away. Have the stuffed toys of different sizes available for sell on this day and you will see how your sales will boom.

11. Fruits.

Presentation is all that attracts. If you selling fruits don’t be left out. Be creative and make your business attract more customers.


This valentine season everyone will go for flowers. Even to the buyers already have this in their mind. Flowers represent love. So help spread this love to everyone by selling their favorite flowers.


Every lady loves Chocolate and they are found all over.  And since many people trust supermarkets they will opt for those on shelves. But what of you with a personal shop besides selling flowers sell chocolate.

14. Cakes and pastries.

Heart-shaped cakes representing love. Have your cakes decorated to make it standout to the customers. Have them delivered to the buyers as they request as an extra service just to promote your business.

15. Event or party organizing.

Party organization for couple is a good idea. Couple coming together to dine. including some fun active for them to do, talk session about marriage and also have prices to be won. Have an entry fees for the couples and organize for them a party of their life.

16. Greeting cards.

It’s all about designing and having  romantic writing on them. Since we have internet at our rescue let’s not have excuses on it. Do enough research on it before coming up with good attractive final product.

17. Gift wrapping.

 A gift is no gift if there is no gift wrap on it. It’s there to spice up the look of the gift. Its exciting the moment you present something to your partner, friend or family a rapt gift. It just shows how you thought about them, to a point of going to choose a gift wrap that suits their tastes. Besides selling this gifts have gifts wraps and gift decor and  also have the gifts wrapped for them at a fee.

5 Extraordinary Businesses to go for this Valentines.

1.Instant DIY or crafts for couples.

One can’t be fascinated by this handy work especially when they have there details like pictures, names initials included in the crafts. Think outside the box.

2. Households with valentines decor.

“Mmmm this is so cute.” Am sure you can picture someones reaction already on seeing this decor. Have such crafts?  Why not make it an exhibition day for your handy work. Make some craft just for this occasion am sure you will make 3 or more sales.

3.Arts representing love.


If your art is that good and you it why not give it a try. Exhibit your work you will be surprised how your work will be appreciated. Many people love art, those who understand it and those who just find them beautiful nothing more. Express your heart in this and come up with something outstanding.

4.Unique electronic accessories.


These attractive accessories get notice on this day more, because they are unique. Sometime occasions push us to make us decide for our Customers on what to buy. we are all about making our sells standout and attract the right and as many customers as we want.

5. Bedroom decor with love decorations.


I would definitely buy this. You can just picture your bed with this glumness and you like “I don’t mind that as my valentines gift dear.” Think about this business, others are selling chocolate, ice cream and cards but you are thinking of where they are going to put their heads down at the end of the day.

This list of Valentine’s Day business ideas and opportunities could never be exhausted, all you have to think is;

  • How you going to standout from your competitors.

  • Get to your customers without  a struggle.

Happy valentines everyone. Even as we are smiling deep inside out heart, let as also smile all the way to the bank. Cheers!!!!!