Happy new Year! Happy New year My lovelies!

Mmmmm But before i say happy new year, i want to make a change in my 2018. You know make it standout. To justify it being a happy year.

Of course i thank God for keeping me safe and he has enabled me see myself in 2018. But i just want this year to be different from 2016/2017 for me to say its a Happy! Happy! Happy! New year for me.

Anyway my 2018 is all about

  • Redeeming myself.
  • Making the right choices without a rush.
  • Get a chance to amend 2017 wrongs.

The year 2018 is blank book waiting for us to fill them with

  • Both good and bad memories.
  • Maybe take our careers to the next level.
  • Good choices especially when it comes to friends.
  • Our family and most of all our life partners, who is the most influential people in our lives.

2017 was really tough, those in Kenya can relate, since it was an election year. Much of our time and concentration was on politics! Politics! And in result, Economically many businesses where affected, but most still have hope that 2018 will at least change for the better.

Let us start over. I too wish a very happy prosperous 2018, my lovelies.