Top ten odd jobs in Kenya;

  1. HousekeepingSchola-cleaning-Nairobi-41-of-73basically involves working and organization involving running a home, including the shopping and cleaning and cooking at a fee. Most of young ladies have resulted to this to be unemployment solution. With patience one could earn good cash from it. Some have come to realize they could be day housekeepers, since the owners of the house work during the day, will the housekeeper is at their  service in their homes. This is much cheaper for the employer in so many ways and beneficial to the housekeeper, since it give him or her an opportunity to go get an extra job. Where both day and night he or she earns money.
  2. Comedy1511427331-27_5topcomedians Comedy is professional entertainment, most of us don’t know this, but it basically consists of jokers who intend to make an audience laugh, or a play characterized with lots of humor. This is more of a talent, you can’t learn comedy in class but only the skills to make it perfect. For you to turn it into a career, you need an audience, either a stage or making videos and uploading on social platform s like Facebook, YouTube and twitter.
  3. Conductors929548a person in charge of a train, streetcar, or other public conveyance,  collecting fares and selling tickets to various passangers.
  4. ClobberdownloadThis is a person who mends shoes,bags,belts or anything that is associated with leather at a cost
  5. Water supplierdownload (32)images (2)take advantage of lack of water is your neighborhood and supply to them at a cost.
  6. Mama Mbogaimages Mama and mboga are both Swahili meaning mother and vegetables respectively. Mama mboga basically sells ready-made vegetables to her residence.
  7. planting seedlings for selldownload (1)you can sell seedling for herbs,spices,flowers and many more.
  8. Car washdownload (2) This is a business where you pay to have someone wash your car or to use car washing equipment. With the emergence of many cars this business gives a very attractive return.
  9. HawkingIMG_8696-2012-03-15-Kenya-Mombasa-NairobiThis  is selling goods on the street, whenever you walk on streets this guys often approach you or call you out to catch your attention. Funny enough they get  to sell more unlike if they were just sitting in their shops waiting for you to come look for their goods.
  10. lawn mower jobimages (1)this is the art of cutting grass for money.