Business idea come as a result of;

1.Solving other peoples problems for example supplying;

  • Lunch to offices. Many people have become so lazy to leave the office and go out for lunch or rather lunch itself has become expensive. Think of a way you could supply them food at the comfort of their office and at a cheaper price.


  • Water to areas experiencing shortages. Many places especially here in Nairobi Kenya have there water supplied, some would experience water shortage not forgetting businesses could need water.

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  • Offering cleaning services to offices, homes, hospitals and hotels . Most people seek services Monthly, quarterly or yearly. Have professional cleaners and necessary equipments available and start a company or an organization.

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2.Identifying your talent and make it your source of income;

  • Starting a cooking class.


  • Being a hair stylist or offering classes for interested in being hair stylists.


  • Having a piano or dancing class

3. Create a unique product e.g:

  • An app.

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  • Signature style fashion.

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  • Creating your own music.

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4. Thinking about tomorrow- A going concern business should be perpetual, Innovate something that will grow into the future.

5. Improve your existing ideas.