7 Business hacks.

1.Always be organized, it basically involves;

  • Simplifying your billing
  • Setting alerts on your daily duties.
  • Making a to do list.
  • Preparing for tomorrow today.

2.Learn, Listen and Grow

  • Your competitors play an important role to your business, from them you can emulate one or two things and make it perfect. Hence an advantage to you.
  • As for your customers they are your end users so listen to their praises and make it perfect not forgetting there complains
  • Later on you will attract growth in your company

3.Take your time

  • Always stick to your vision and
  • Make calculated decisions focusing on what is important

4.Clear your mind and allow creativity to flow, by taking a break on your daily activities.

5.Be active on social media by taking time to

  • Blog
  • Communicating with your customers through- Facebook



– Pinterest


6.Know your weaknesses and embrace them.

  • Your weakness could be someone else strengths you being an architects does mean you can not admit that your have weaknesses when it comes to keeping books of accounts.
  • Also remember to seek advice from professionals.

7.Learn from your mistakes by

  • Taking into account the repercussions of ignoring acustomers’ feedbacks.
  • Following legal procedure.
  • Hiring the right people do the job.
  • Not forgetting to market your good and services.