Kenyans are innovators and go getters. They will never disappoint you when it come to enterprenureship.Most of them are employers.

We all have that one wish, to be our own boss, through putting into practice the little we learned in school or the talent that we think or know we have. Dont sit down figers crossing hopping for your husband or wife to bring something on the table.

Go ahead and Own something that brings you food on the table or a security for good life and education for your kids. However little the returns are you still feel good to have accomplished your desires.

If you think you have run out of ideas on the businesses to start then you are wrong. You can check out these list of business you can start in Kenya or while you are in Kenya and earn yourself some good cash.


2.Barber shop

3.Selling second-hand clothes

4.Mpesa Agent

5.Bank Agent

6.Milk ATM to sell milk

7.Local eatary

8. Shoe selling Business

9.Bag selling

10.Wine and spirit.

11.Fitness instructor.

12.Selling used items

13.Motorcycle Errand Guy

14.Sports show place

15.Pest control

16.Car hire Business

25,000 Per hour -Minimum 4 hours only 

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17.Uber business

17. Uber business

18.Real Estate

19.Fashion and Design/ Tailoring

20.Land Broker

21.Online Business selling


23.Homemade/Handmade soap

24.Cleaning Business

25. Betting company or website

26.Daycare Business

27.Baking Business

28.Selling Natural Juice

29. Brick selling

30.Sign Language Interpret

Mmmmm getting some ideas. Go ahead and see where your entrepreneurial qualities will take you. You never know.