Reasons why people save

  • Have cash available in times of emergencies.
  • Buy a dream car or own a house.
  • Go for a vacation.
  • Be financially independent.
  • Get enough capital to start a business.

For you to get in the habit to save one has to derive tactics. Saving is not easy unless you

  • Budget and have estimates for your income and expenses always.
  • Have discipline and avoid the temptations and do what you think is right.
  • Patiently wait for your gains.

It’s all about the tactics, for example;

  1. Saving change.
  2. Avoid carrying cash everywhere.
  3. Quit fast food and carry lunch to work e.g left overs or have a meal prep every week. It could also save you from having health issues since you will be eating healthy and no visit to the doctors.
  4. For the saved up cash buy ready made or furnished house or quality used cars.
  5. Always have a budget for everything and stick to it.
  6. Avoid impulse buying.
  7. Save up the cash for out door activities for example Invite friends over instead of going out.
  8. Quit using a credit card.
  9. Vacation once a year, and have the flights and hotels booked in advance to cut on cost.
  10. Stop collecting and start selling e.g have a garage sell.
  11. Don’t spend to much money on your kids. For example big birthday parties, frequent lunches in big expensive hotels and more expensive clothing even though they already have.
  12. Buy quality appliances that would last, cheap is tricky.
  13. Find cheap supermarkets, grocery stores and compair prices.
  14. Make your own for example Diys, homemade snacks e.g bread.
  15. Carry a out maintenance on your home appliances.
  16. Buy used but functional items.
  17. Pay rent that is affordable.
  18. Use public transport and only use your car when you running errands e.g shopping
  19. Read more and find out more way you can save.
  20. Learn how to live minimally.


Advice on saving.


1. Set aside a portion of your income in a savings or retirement account. Most employed individuals in Kenya have 100% of their contribution on pension or NSSF( National Social security Funds). Amount being paid for them by there employers after one has contribute his or her amount. Its beneficial since whichever amount you decide to contribute,  the employer must pay 100% of the contributed sum. So for Ksh 2,000 the employer contributes Ksh 2,000, coming to a total of ksh 4,000.

As for the unemployed or self-employed one has to derive ways to help him or her save as seen above.

2. Pay off any debt you currently have. Debts are inevitable,but don’t let them pile up. If they are unavoidable have a plan on how to pay them, e.g have a standing order at your bank to pay it or have it deducted before your salary Net pay .

3.Have a time frame for your savings goals.Check out these facebook handle 52-week Savings Challenge Kenya

 You will get to a number of ideas, that will give you a clue about a saving plan. You will get to read a number of testimonials and see how its worked for various people.

4.Keep track of all your expenses.wp-1517218838580238722125.jpg

5. Invest in what you have knowledge about.

Saving is a choice, no one has to be forces to do it. But some of us need a push. Learn and ask questions, from people around you. He has bought a new car or house and yet he earns the same salary as you, don’t be jealous just find out how he reached where he is.